ZenSpot's Mission: Empowering People to Discover Their Divine Self

ZenSpot, Inc. is a health support system for those interested in living their best and optimal life now. Born in New York in 2007, ZenSpot has established locations in Oregon and Idaho. Services are delivered regionally, nationally and internationally to meet the needs of individuals around the world.

Mission Statement

ZenSpot's Mission is empowering people to discover their divine self.

Core Principles

  • To be fearless
  • To celebrate the self and other living beings
  • To learn to love
  • To cultivate positive energy
  • To live in balance with the environment 

Through its mission and core principles ZenSpot emphasizes the importance of positive energy as a way to sustain and nourish the individual and their community. 

At ZenSpot the path is eastern health and wellness for the purposes of catalyzing individuals to a life of radiance. All our practices fuse thousands of years of ancient health traditions, contemporary science and practical application resulting in an enlivened mind, rejuvenated body and uplifted spirit.

So open the door and find your ZenSpot today!



Dr. Satyavani Kelli Harrington
and Dr. Michael Bittner

In 2007, ZenSpot founders Dr. Kelli Harrington and Dr. Michael Bittner set out on a mission to empower others to discover their true self through Yoga, Ayurveda, Reiki, Meditation, Qigong and other centuries old methods of Eastern wellness and healing.