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ZenSpotís Mission is empowering people to discover their true self.

ZenSpot, Inc. is a support system for those interested in living their healthiest and best life now. Born in New York in 2007, ZenSpot relocated its headquarters to Oregon and operates facilities in both Portland and Eugene. Services are delivered regionally, nationally and internationally to meet the needs of individuals around the world.

Mission Statement

ZenSpot’s Mission is empowering people to discover their true self.

Core Values

To be fearless
To celebrate the self and other living beings
To learn to love
To cultivate positive energy
To live in balance with the environment 

Through its mission and core values ZenSpot emphasizes the importance of positive energy as a way to sustain and nourish the individual and their community. 

At ZenSpot there are three primary paths: Hot Yoga, Ayurveda (Life Coaching, Nutritional Counseling, Stress Management & Reiki Energy Healing) & Feng Shui.

These three paths serve to catalize individuals to a life of radiance. They fuse thousands of years of holistic practices, contemporary science and practical application resulting in an enlivened mind, rejuvenated body and uplifted spirit. 

So come and visit us and find your ZenSpot today!

Dr. Kelli Harrington - Founder
Dr. Kelli Harrington believes that everything in life happens for a reason and that service to others is the core of all things positive and balanced. She is a teacher of Yoga and Ayurveda, a Life Coach and a Reiki Master that has worked with individuals and groups both domestically and abroad for 22 years. The basis of her work is the mission of Z [...] Full Bio
Dr. Michael Bittner - Founder
Learning, teaching and traveling are Dr. Michael Bittner’s passions. A native westerner, Dr. Michael Bittner brings a complementary blend of western practicality, free spirit and authenticity to teaching, coaching, interior design and innovation and entrepreneurship in his role as co-founder and managing partner of ZenSpot, Inc., a holistic l [...] Full Bio
Trisha Moore, Owner, ZenSpot PDX
Trisha discovered yoga in 2003 when searching for a way to balance the stress of being a working mom with two small twin boys at home. Finding her balance on the mat helped her find the balance she needed to be the best mother she could be, and as a result became hooked. After years of practice, she decided to deepen her knowledge of yoga by attend [...] Full Bio
Maddie Allen
Yoga Teacher
Maddie is originally from Boulder,CO, where her mother coerced her into trying hot yoga for the first time. It was love at first shavasana and led her to become a teacher to share that love with others.  Maddie taught at the Eugene ZenSpot until she graduated from the University of Oregon in 2012 with Environmental Studies and Spanish degrees [...] Full Bio
Kim Ames
Yoga Teacher
Kim is a recent graduate from the dance program at the University of Oregon. After taking asana classes at the Zenspot, Kim was immediately drawn to the different approach to movement that yoga provided. For Kim coming to asana provided a different environment where the only competition that existed in the room was with oneself. Zenspot was a safe [...] Full Bio
Sydney Clagett
Yoga Teacher
A practitioner for four years, Sydney became a teacher after discovering the purely healing benefits of yoga while in high school. From Malibou Lake, California, Sydney is currently a junior at University of Oregon double majoring in Environmental Studies and Sociology. "I was terribly stressed in high school, was sick every other month, and felt [...] Full Bio
Laura Black, MFA
Yoga Teacher
Laura Black is originally from the Central Valley and Bay Area of California. A classical violinist from the age of five, Laura has always had a deep passion for the performing arts. She fell in love with modern dance and movement exploration as a pre-teen and has been dancing ever since. Setting out on her college career to become a K-12 teacher, [...] Full Bio
Alexa Lachman, MA
Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner
Alexa Lachman has been living in her head for years and only recently discovered the necessity of integrating mind, body and spirit. Originally turning to yoga as a way to lose weight and cope with stress, she was surprised at her emotional and spiritual growth. Having never envisioned becoming a yoga teacher, she enrolled in teacher training to mo [...] Full Bio
Julie Marie, LMT
Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner
A Licensed Massage Therapist since 2008, and a yoga practitioner since 2003, Julie harbored a secret desire to be a teacher for years before taking teacher training. “As a body worker I know the importance of self-care, and yoga is the single best self-care activity I know of,” she says. Julie’s current favorite pose is Standing [...] Full Bio
Lauren Richardson, MAEd
Yoga Teacher
Lauren Richardson grew up on the beach in California, before finding a home in Eugene 13 years ago. Her first career was teaching Middle School language arts and educational intervention classes when she discovered the transformational and calming power of Yoga in her classroom. Since then, Lauren has been hooked. When she found ZenSpot 5 years ago [...] Full Bio
Renee Taylor Valentin
Yoga Teacher, Reiki Practitioner
Renee relocated to Eugene in 1998 from Port Townsend Washington. Her passion for nature & human phisiology led her to earn a bachelors degree in Biology at the University of Oregon which continues to play into her developing understanding of the world around her. Primarily she considers herself a student of life and finds that hands on learning [...] Full Bio
Melissa Wastell, RN
Yoga Teacher
A registered Nurse for 8 years and from Michigan Melissa began practicing yoga as an adjunct to running and quickly realized the fantastic benefits it had on both the body and mind.  "When I started practicing yoga, my body felt amazing but I loved the peace of mind and the deeper understanding I gained about myself." My favorite pose is pig [...] Full Bio
Terron J. Cook- Partner
Terron has been attending; what he refers to as “The School of Life;” since the age of 15; when he was forced into the World; to support and fend for himself; due to life events.   His transcendence above these life circumstances solidified his stance in the health & wellness field as well as in the hearts of those in the busi [...] Full Bio
Rev. Charlene Robbins, BS, GSM- Partner
Charlene is a Reiki Master, Intuitive Healing Practitioner, Teaching Minister, and Hypnotherapist, and has received formal training in Intuitive Development, Reiki and Seminary. She has over 35 years of professional experience in the allopathic and esoteric healing fields. Coupled with a strong academic background, she has earned an array of academ [...] Full Bio
Kara Yahn- Affiliate
Originally from Clinton, Iowa, Kara came to the beautiful campus of the University of Northern Iowa in the fall of 2003. She was recruited by the UNI Track and Field team as a hurdler/sprinter and I chose to major in Worksite Health Promotion. Her 5 years at UNI were some of the best ever. School was wonderful and she had a lot of success in track [...] Full Bio