February 2011

February 4, 2011
What does it say about a society that treats fitness and health as a luxury? No different than a car, a bicycle, a residence or a pet: they all require an investment in resources, time and energy to maintain them. The human body is no different. ZenSpot posits that the only reason humans do not take their fitness and health more seriously is because up until now they tend to not drop dead or suffer a major life altering illness immediately through inactivity and/o [...]

February 27, 2011
On a recent trip to Waikiki Beach for business and pleasure, Michael and I decided going to the beach and catching a few waves was a must. I had surfed for several years while living in California so felt pretty comfortable with the way of the board but Michael was new to the experience and wanted to take a lesson from the Hawaiian pros in order to get the fine points of hanging ten! I decided that I was probaby a bit rusty after living in New York for 3 years and takin [...]