October 2012

October 6, 2012
Where it begins: Like many of my fellow citizens, I watched the first Presidential debate this week and turned off the television with feelings of emptiness and frustration sprinkled with a bit of hopelessness. Why is all of this happening? Why are we not discussing real issues and taking on important fights together that mean something for everyone? When did we all get so apathetic about the course of our future? SIGH.... I AM FRUSTRATED!!!...and I don't want to be! I [...]

October 20, 2012
Introduction--Stress will kill you. Plain and simple. So before we get into the who, what, when, where and why of it all, let's go right to the facts from those that know the most and do the research---The American Institute of StressThe American Psychological AssociationThere you have it- the facts about what stress is, the different levels and types of stress, what stress does, what stress does not do, workplace stress, personal stress, stress' impact on the body, [...]

October 23, 2012
When Dumbledore spoke to Harry, uttering the words penned by JK Rowling, “These are difficult times. The challenge will be to decide between what is right and what is easy,” they could have not been any better suited for an American audience.  Here in the United States, the concept of balance, the Feng Shui of life, has been displaced with a far-flung indulgence and mediocrity that has so misshapen our current state of affairs as to leave a gruesome mut [...]

October 27, 2012
The decision between what is right and what is easy continues to challenge Americans at an alarming rate. Unusual for a developed nation, life expectancy in the US is on the decline. A report from The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation identified four reasons for declining life expectancy in the US: “Poverty and lack of education, access to health care, quality of medical care, and preventable risk factors.” Chief among the factors is obesity, which [...]

October 29, 2012
The decision between what is right and what is easy needs to involve all Americans. It needs to drive home the idea that what is right trumps what is easy. When the Founding Fathers deliberated on the type of government best suited for the new nation and the critical attributes to sustain it, they agreed that at the foundational level, education and an informed citizenry were essential. Thomas Jefferson, a champion for universal schooling, wrote, “Every government [...]