Enter the Cave. 2.0.

A yogi meditates in a cave…. 

At the core of ZenSpot’s mission is an appreciation for study, for letting go and experiencing one’s dharma. The ZenSpot Cave was established to build community around the study of classical texts while simultaneously engaging the participants in their own exploration of crazy wisdom.

Today, Drs. Michael Bittner and Satyavani Kelli Harrington want to take this a step further, adding more grit to the time and energy we spend together. Our hour-long sessions will now be divided into two parts: the first thirty minutes will focus on the text of study and the second thirty minutes will involve actualizing that which we discuss. For instance, if the Yoga Sutra’s are a path for enlightenment, then what can we do as a community to walk the talk and be accountable for it.

If you have not been with us for a while, jump back in. If you are new, join us. And if you have been a regular participant let’s take our efforts to new levels. Or shall we say, “go where only a few have gone before.”

Our current text is The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Swami Satchidananda. Whether you have never read it, read it once or several times, the sheer magnitude of this sacred text warrants reading anew. Future texts will be announced once this one is completed by the group.

Sessions are on Wednesdays, 5-6 pm PST, 6-7 pm MST, 7-8 pm CST, 8-9 pm EST.

If you are interested in participating, send an email to info@zenspotmbs.com with you name, contact information including address, phone number and your email address. You will be sent instructions on how to call in and what to focus on for the first session.

Welcome to the cave!