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Spiritual/Life Coaching at ZenSpot is a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires clients to maximize their personal and spiritual potential - how the universe intended. It is a process that helps both define and cultivate goals, both personal and spiritual, with ease in a safe environment. The role of the coach is as a partner and guide in this exploratory process.

Spiritual/Life Coaching is not psychotherapy. Rather, this journey focuses on moving clients forward on their life-path based on where they are today while letting go of the things that no longer serve. 

Each session is a journey that examines the spiritual and complete self through a series of open-ended inquiries and discoveries around "what-ifs" and "why nots" - creating space for pure happiness and love in all areas of life. 

Like most things, the amount of sessions depends on each individual client. In order to have a fulfilling experience and a positive plan to move forward 3-6 sessions are suggested after initial consultation.

What is the investment in myself?

Coaching sessions can be done in two fashions:
Individual on a per meeting basis or through the EWC's Monthly Health Plan of just $99/month

See our Services Page for details on individual sessions.

See the Eastern Wellness Clinic for details about the Monthly Health Plan.

Coaching Pricing & Packages
New Client Spiritual/Life Coaching Consultation (Required All New Clients) $125.00 BOOK NOW
3 Spiritual/Life Coaching Sessions $360.00 BOOK NOW
6 Spiritual/Life Coaching Sessions $690.00 BOOK NOW
10 Spiritual/Life Coaching Sessions $1100.00 BOOK NOW