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Supporting Your Daily & Seasonal Routine.
ZenSpot's Eastern Wellness Clinic (EWC) is built on the Ayurvedic principles of Dinacharya and Ritucharya.


Dinacharya ("daily-routine") is a concept in Ayurvedic medicine that looks at the cycles of nature and bases daily activities around these cycles. Ayurveda contends that routines help establish balance and that understanding daily cycles are useful for promoting health.

A daily routine is absolutely necessary to bring radical change in body, mind, and consciousness. Routine helps to establish balance in one's constitution. It also regularizes a person's biological clock, aids digestion, absorption and assimilation, and generates self-esteem, discipline, peace, happiness, and longevity.


Ritucharya ("seasonal-routine") is defined as "Ritu" meaning Season and "Charya" meaning moving or following. Therefore, Ritucharya is the observance of diet and regimen according to the seasonal changes.

Ritu, the season, classified by different features expresses different effects on the body as well as the environment. Ayurveda has depicted various rules and regimens (Charya), regarding diet and behavior to acclimatize seasonal enforcement easily without altering body homeostasis.

Monthly Health Plan

Flat Fee. Unlimited Access.

Unlike traditional healthcare ZenSpot's Eastern Wellness Clinic (EWC) offers a flat fee of just $99/month for monthly access to the clinic's resources whenever you need. This includes weekly Yoga, Qigong, Meditation and Pranayam classes, monthly Ayurvedic health check-ups, and one other service - 30-Minute Reiki Healing, 30-Minute Acupressure or 45-minute Spiritual/Life Coaching Session.

The purpose of this is to correct imbalances and dis-ease early on and to keep you healthy daily and seasonally rather then responding once illness has manifested. It is a new and complete way of looking at your health from a mind, body and spirit perspective- Identify the dis-ease/imbalance, create a health plan through daily and seasonal routine to correct the imbalance and then continue with the routine within the ZenSpot support system to maintain your health and wellness in mind, body and spirit. We want to be here for you along the entire health continuum.

Individual health services can also be provided if you are not interested in the monthly program. Please see each individual services for details or click here!

We want to welcome you to our space and look forward to assisting you on your wellness journey.

Dr. Kelli & Dr. Michael

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