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Supporting a healthy, positive, life affirming activity for every individual.

ZenSpot's hot vinyasa yoga complements healthy living, radiant living and life-long rejuvenation.

The benefits of Hot Yoga

At ZenSpot you experience the following benefits through practicing hot yoga:

  • Strong and toned muscles
  • Increased flexibility and metabolic stimulation
  • Expanded lung capacity and circulation
  • Cleansed and detoxified body 
  • Enhanced mind-body-spirit connection
  • Support from well educated and certified instructors

About Hot Yoga

What is hot yoga?

Hot Yoga is a comprehensive yoga practice that works all systems of the body. At ZenSpot the temperature is maintained a few degrees above your body temperature to create the ideal environment for sweating, opening of the muscles and fascia, healing and removal of toxins.

What makes ZenSpot hot yoga unique?

ZenSpot practices a vinyasa style of yoga in a heated room. A vinyasa style is characterized by moving from one posture into the next posture without stopping. ZenSpot's Hot Vinyasa practice works the entire body each time; postures complement one another; proper alignment is emphasized; postures and sequences vary; an aerobic workout is provided; modifications are used as needed and different breathing techniques are incorporated within a clean and healthy environment.

In addition, ZenSpot welcomes all levels, focuses on the development of the individual practitioner and respects the differences in each person. Finally, ZenSpot employs high quality instructors, who have received their training from the The ZenSpot Institute and are certified and registered with the Yoga Alliance.

Why do ZenSpot’s hot yoga?

Simply stated, ZenSpot's Hot Yoga is personal, powerful and positive. It is a practice that supports the needs of each practitioner regardless of experience level.

What are the benefits of ZenSpot’s hot yoga?

The benefits of ZenSpot’s Hot Yoga and breathing techniques touch upon and enhance every system of the body including: Circulatory System (heart, blood vessels), Respiratory System (nose trachea, lungs), Immune System (various proteins, cells, organs, tissues), Skeletal System (bones), Excretory System (lungs, large intestines, kidneys), Urinary System (bladder, kidneys), Muscular System (muscles), Endocrine System (glands), Digestive System (mouth, espohagus, stomach, intestines), Nervous System (brain, spinal cord, nerves), and finally the Reproductive System (male and female reproductive organs).

Through regular practice individuals will experience increased physical strength, cardiovascular health, muscle tone, joint flexibility, cognitive function, immunity support and spiritual openness. The result is a rejuvenated body, calm mind and uplifted spirit.

What if I have never practiced hot yoga?

No problem! ZenSpot’s Hot Yoga embraces people of all ability levels and body types.

If I have challenges with my flexibility, can I practice hot yoga?

Absolutely! Hot yoga assists in the opening of the muscles and releasing of tension.

Can I practice hot yoga if I am pregnant?

Yes. During the prenatal and postpartum stages of pregnancy different modifications are taught. For prenatal women it is not uncommon to practice during your first trimester. Many practice in their second trimester. For post-partum women hot yoga is often resumed six weeks after childbirth.

Knowing that each woman’s pregnancy is different, it is recommended that a healthcare provider be consulted during and immediately following pregnancy, and the provider be told of your desire to practice hot yoga. It is also important to inform your yoga instructor of your pregnancy or childbirth.

Can I practice hot yoga if I have health challenges?

Yes. Hot yoga is an excellent way to assist in the healing of physical injuries, long-term illness and mental health challenges.

How often should I practice hot yoga?

Practicing a minimum of three times per week up to six times per week provides maximum benefit. However, benefits are derived from even one class per week.

What should I wear to hot yoga?

Form-fitting athletic/yoga wear is best. this type of clothing allows for full posture expression and proper alignment recognition. Less is more. Heavy cotton clothing is not recommended due to the amount of sweat that occurs during practice. If you have questions on what to wear or where to purchase appropriate clothing, feel free to contact ZenSpot for suggestions.

What do I need to bring to practice hot yoga?

Bring a yoga mat, a beach towel and water. Mats are available for rental at a cost of $2. Mats, towels and bottled water are available for purchase.

Should I eat or drink before I come to a hot yoga class?

Try not to eat within two ours of practicing hot yoga. If you eat prior to practicing, a small snack is preferable to a large meal. Overeating is likely to make you feel uncomfortable during class. Consumption of water several hours before class helps maintain hydration as does the water you consume 24 hours prior.

What amenities does ZenSpot provide?

A clean, safe and supportive studio, dressing/changing area, a place for shoes and clothing storage, access to restrooms and shower facilities, free parking, high quality yoga equipment, and registered and certified instructors through the Yoga Alliance.

What if I am a new student?

New students should arrive 10-15 minutes before the start of class to register and receive an orientation to the studio.

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