Supporting a healthy, positive, life affirming activity for every individual.

ZenSpot's hot vinyasa yoga complements healthy living, radiant living and life-long rejuvenation.

Practicing hot yoga provides benefits like:

  • Strong and toned muscles
  • Increased flexibility and metabolic stimulation
  • Expanded lung capacity and circulation
  • Cleansed and detoxified body 
  • Enhanced mind-body-spirit connection
  • Support from well educated and certified instructors
What is hot yoga?
What makes ZenSpot hot yoga unique?
Why do ZenSpot's hot yoga?
What are the benefits of ZenSpot's hot yoga?
What if I have never practiced hot yoga?
If I have challenges with my flexibility, can I practice hot yoga?
Can I practice hot yoga if I am pregnant?
Can I practice hot yoga if I have health challenges?
How often should I practice hot yoga?
What should I wear to hot yoga?
What do I need to bring to practice hot yoga?
Should I eat or drink before I come to a hot yoga class?
What amenities does ZenSpot provide?
What if I am a new student?

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