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Hot Yoga
A healthy, positive and life-affirming activity for every individual

Mind, body and spirit connection to become healthy inside and out

Feng Shui
Balance the tension of Yin and Yang through Feng Shui


At ZenSpot, we empower people to discover their true self through total wellness. We offer students and clients three primary paths to reach their personal potential: Hot Yoga, Ayurveda and Feng Shui. 

Hot Yoga offers an inward exploration of the mind and body's potential. Ayurveda provides a path to health and happiness through Nutritional Coaching and Support, Life Coaching, Stress Management, and the ancient healing practice of Reiki. Feng Shui explains how one's external environment can be arranged to support goals and aspirations.  

Whichever path or combination you decide to choose, you will work comprehensively with experts throughout your journey so you may realize your potential, happiness and unique gifts you offer the world.

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