The quieter you become the more you can hear.

Meditation at ZenSpot is a regular part of all Sadhana (discipline). 

Meditation is a process, a form and a quality. Whether sitting, standing, lying down, focused intently on an object or on the breath, moving or being still or using a mantra,meditation brings about awareness of oneself in relation to the greater cosmos. It is a state of "deep peace" and lucidity; an awareness of being one with “the Great Opening,” the doorway to divine nature and authentic observation, seeing the real.

Meditation heals. Meditation enables you to experience your higher self and the divine within you. Meditation calms the mind. When the body and mind are relaxed, healing occurs. Energy flows. Health is a state of flowing energy. Meditation helps clear resistance to the flow of energy. Meditation helps us to be in the present moment.

At ZenSpot you will be introduced to a variety of different forms of meditation that account for the time of day, seasonality, physical or mental needs and personal preference. We even have a meditation CD for purchase on site or online.